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Optical Filter/AR panel

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Optical Filter/ AR(Anti-reflection coating) Panel


Anti Reflective coating or Multi-layer Anti-Reflective is a type of optical coating applied to the surface of optical devices(Acrylic, glass, PMMA etc) to reduce reflection and boost transmission. This improves the efficiency of the system since less light is lost. Mainly it is used for medical monitor LCD's, Broadcasting LCDs, cockpit and wide range of reflecting areas.


The primary benefit is the elimination of the reflection itself.
It is designed to reduce first surface reflection loss. Increase transmission by reducing surface reflectance losses and image quality by reducing multiple surface reflectance.


1. V BRAND AR COATING (Double side coating)

  • Transmission: Tave 96% (450nm-650nm)
  • Reflective: Rave %< 2% (500nm-600nm)


- Typical coating structure: Double side coating

  • Transmission : Tave % > 98% (450nm-600nm)
  • Reflection : Rave % < 1% (450nm-650nm)

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